Renting Out

Denmark has a long tradition of renting out holiday homes. It started around the turn of the century, when local citizens in the coastal towns moved out of their houses during summer and left the house to the guests from the major cities. The tradition has developed over many years and in many areas, cottage rentals have become an integral part of society and an essential part of the economy. 

In North Zealand, it started in the same way, but has developed differently. Today, only 7% of the holiday homes are rented out and many houses are empty for longer periods of the year.

Is your house one of them? Have you considered renting, but feeling unsure how? Do you fear what renting may do to your house? Are you unsure whether using a rental agencies or Airbnb? Do you have many personal belongings in the house you will be afraid of may be destroyed or disappear when renting out?

We invite you to a dialogue regarding whether renting is an option for you. We help you make the decision to rent out and provide inspiration on what may be the best solution for you. And once the decision has been made, we offer to take good care of your house, 

Feel free to contact us for a dialogue.